(Handa mayaṃ bhadd’eka-ratta-gāthāyo bhaṇāmase)

Atītaṃ nānvāgameyya nappaṭikaṅkhe anāgataṃ

One should not revive the past Nor speculate on what’s to come;

Yad’atītaṃ pahīnan-taṃ appattañca anāgataṃ

The past is left behind, The future is un-realized.

Paccuppannañca yo dhammaṃ tattha tattha vipassati Asaṃhiraṃ asaṅkuppaṃ taṃ viddhām-anubrūhaye

In every presently arisen state There, just there, one clearly sees; Unmoved, unagitated, Such insight is one’s strength.

Ajj’eva kiccam-ātappaṃ ko jaññā maraṇaṃ suve

Ardently doing one’s task today, Tomorrow, who knows, death may come;

Na hi no saṅgaran-tena mahā-senena maccunā

Facing the mighty hordes of death, Indeed one cannot strike a deal.

Evaṃ vihārim-ātāpiṃ aho-rattam-atanditaṃ Taṃ ve bhadd’eka-ratto’ti santo ācikkhate muni

To dwell with energy aroused Thus for a night of non-decline, That is a ‘night of shining prosperity.’ So it was taught by the Peaceful Sage.