Dedication of offerings

Yo so bhagavā arahaṃ sammāsambuddho

To the Blessed One, the Lord, who fully attained perfect enlightenment,

Svākkhāto yena bhagavatā dhammo

To the Teaching, which he expounded so well,

Supaṭipanno yassa bhagavato sāvakasaṅgho

And to the Blessed One’s disciples who have practiced well,

Tammayaṃ bhagavantaṃ sadhammaṃ sasanghaṃ

To these—the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha—

Imehi sakkārehi yathārahaṃ āropitehi abhipūjayāma

We render with offerings our rightful homage.

Sādhu no bhante bhagavā sucira-parinibbutopi

It is well for us that the Blessed One, having attained liberation,


Still had compassion for later generations.

Ime sakkāre duggata-paṇṇākāra-bhute paṭiggaṇhātu

May these simple offerings be accepted

Amhākaṃ dīgharattaṃ hitāya sukhāya

For our long-lasting benefit and for the happiness it gives us.

Arahaṃ sammāsambuddho bhagavā

The Lord, the Perfectly Enlightened and Blessed One—

Buddhaṃ bhagavantaṃ abhivādemi

I render homage to the Buddha, the Blessed One. (Bow.)

Svākkhāto bhagavatā dhammo

The Teaching, so completely explained by him—

Dhammaṃ namassāmi

I bow to the Dhamma. (Bow.)

Supaṭipanno bhagavato sāvakasaṅgho

The Blessed One’s disciples, who have practiced well—

Saṅghaṃ namāmi

I bow to the Sangha. (Bow.)