Wimutti or Vimutti in Dhamma means liberation. Ceto-vimutti is liberation of the heart and mind. Paññā-vimutti is discernment release.

Five kinds of Vimutti (reference)

  1. Tadaṇga-vimutti : Temporary Release from Kilesa, as for instance, temporary suppression of lust, resentment, infatuation and obsession with certain stances.
  2. Vikkhambhana-vimutti : Mental Release from Kilesa by virtue of Jhāna. This lasts as long as Jhāna itself.
  3. Samuccheda-vimutti : Mental Release from Kilesa by virtue of Ariya-magga. Once relinquished, these Kilesa will not break out for good.
  4. Patipassaddhi-vimutti : Mental Release from Kilesa by virtue of attainment of Ariya-phala through Ariya-magga. There is no feverish activity to relinquish these Kilesa, since they have been irrevocably eradicated.
  5. Nissarana-vimutti : Absolute Release from Kilesa lasting up to Nibbāna.

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